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Anti-Counterfeiting Warning

Below sellers are selling fake RCX Products, please beware:
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RCX HOBBY, was established in 2008, is a manufacturer and distributor of RC Hobby products to the global enterprises. We have relatively complete service functions, who can offer a diversified service to fulfill the various requirements of customers purchasing. Our main products are:

  • R/C Helicopter
  • R/C Car
  • R/C Plane
  • R/C Multirotor Helicopter
  • R/C Accessory

Our Believes
We believe there is only one way to grow and retain our clients, that is through our Service Excellency. We constantly remind our staff not to just simply answer a question but to understand clients and provide complete solutions that best suit their needs.

Our Approach
There is no trade that is too small for us. Our approach is to, first understand our client's requirement, concern and constrain, follow by making a clear assessment of their goals. We will then draw from our years of experience in the industry to derive and deliver the best products that matches the goals and objectives.