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Anti-Counterfeiting Warning

Below sellers are selling fake RCX Products, please beware:
  • banggo_d.com
Please do NOT purchase fake RCX products from these sellers. Read More...


Some customers reported that they purchased faked RCX products with poor quality from some sellers (especially from China). So please buy RCX products from our authorized dealers only.

Below is a list of sellers who were found in selling the faked RCX products (Please do NOT purchase a RCX product form these bad sellers).

  • bangg_od.com

MyRcMart.com (ampmodel.com / rcmart.hk) is the only authorized seller in China and Hong Kong. Other sellers from China / Hong Kong who sell RCX products are all selling fake RCX products.

You may save few cents from buying fake RCX products but these products are not under our warranty (100% No Warranty). We distribute our products at the lowest price already, those who sell fake RCX products, we cannot imagine how bad the quality is in order to push the price few cents less.

Be Smart, Buy Smart!