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Product Category

Anti-Counterfeiting Warning

Below sellers are selling fake RCX Products, please beware:
  • banggo_d.com
Please do NOT purchase fake RCX products from these sellers. Read More...


Although we are the manufacturer of RCX Hobby Products but we do also distribute the products of the following brands since lots of wholesales customers prefer us to ship their boxes at once to reduce shipping cost.

  1. Walkera
  2. Align
  3. CopterX
  4. KDS
  5. SkyRC / iMax
  6. 3e / MaxForce
  7. Nine Eagles
  8. Syma
  9. SH Swift
  10. Futaba
  11. WL Toys
  12. HJ Toys
  13. and many more...

Please contact us if you are interested to be one of our distributors or wholesalers.