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Anti-Counterfeiting Warning

Below sellers are selling fake RCX Products, please beware:
  • banggo_d.com
Please do NOT purchase fake RCX products from these sellers. Read More...


RCX products carry a full warranty for the period specified. Some RCX products carry different warranty periods due to the nature of the product's design, manufacture or expected use, the warranty applies from the date of delivery to the first customer.

If you purchase the RCX product from an online shop and delivered by courier (eg. post office). The warranty applies from the date that the parcel is delivered (not the date you start using the product). The warranty period shall begin from the date of order if the delivery date is unable to determine (eg. no tracking status).

General warranty period will be three months from the date of delivery.

The warranty does not cover cost of transportation to the Service Centre and from the Service Centre back to you (return). You will be responsible for both sending to returning shipping cost.

Please send the following information to our email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain a Warranty Service ID and Address:
  • Name of the Dealer (the seller)
  • Purchase Invoice (to show date of purchase)
  • Tracking Number (to show the date of delivery if you purchase the product through an online shop)

No warranty service will be provided by us if the RCX product you have purchased is counterfeit. So it is recommended to purchase a RCX product from the listed dealer.