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RCX 10A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller (G Series) (Code: RCX07-037)

RCX 10A ESC Brushless Motor Speed Controller (G Series)
Price: 9.99 USD
Weight: 0.02 Kg
Same HobbyWing program for Airplane and Helicopter.

Programmable Features
  1. Brake Setting:Enabled / Disabled, default is Disabled
  2. Battery Type:Li-xx(Li-ion or Li-poly) / Ni-xx(NiMH or NiCd),default is Li-xx.
  3. Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cut-Off Mode): Soft Cut-Off (Gradually reduce the output power) or Cut-Off (Immediately stop the output power). Default is Soft Cut-Off.                                                           
  4. Low Voltage Protection Threshold(Cut-Off Threshold):Low / Medium / High, default is Medium.
    1. For lithium batteries, the number of battery cells is calculated automatically. Low / medium / high cutoff voltage for each cell is: 2.6V/2.85V/3.1V. For example: For a 3 cells lithium pack, when “Medium” cutoff threshold is set, the cut-off voltage will be: 2.85*3=8.55V.
    2. For nickel batteries, low / medium / high cutoff voltages are 0%/45%/60% of the startup voltage (i.e. the initial voltage of battery pack), and 0% means the low voltage cut-off function is disabled. For example: For a 10 cells NiMH battery, fully charged voltage is 1.44*6=8.64V, when “Medium” cut-off threshold is set, the cut-off voltage will be:8.64*50%=4.3V。
  5. Startup Mode:Normal /Soft /Super-Soft, default is Normal.
    Normal is preferred for fixed-wing aircraft. Soft or Super-soft are preferred for helicopters. The initial acceleration of the Soft and Super-Soft modes are slower in comparison, usually taking 1 second for Soft startup or 2 seconds for Super-Soft startup from initial throttle advance to full throttle. If the throttle is closed (throttle stick moved to bottom) and opened again (throttle stick moved to top) within 3 seconds of the initial startup, the restart-up will be temporarily changed to normal mode to get rid of the chances of a crash caused by slow throttle response. This special design is very suitable for aerobatic flight when quick throttle response is needed.
  6. Timing:Low / Medium / High, default is Low.
    Usually, low timing value can be used for most motors. We recommend the Low timing value for 2 poles motor and Medium timing value for motors with more than 6 poles to get a high efficiency. For higher speed, High timing value can be chosen.
  • Continuous Current: 10A
  • Burst Current: 12A (current over 13A will cause the ESC failure - burn)
  • Input Voltage: Lipo 2-3 Cells (2S is recommended)
  • Input Voltage: NiMH NiCd 6-16.8V
  • BEC: 5V  2A
  • Size: 26mm (L) * 23mm (W) * 7mm (H).
  • Weight: 12g
  • MCU: Atmega
  • Suitable SimonK Firmware: tgy.hex (if you want to flash it by yourself)
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